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This is why I LOVE what I do. In 2005 Melinda weighed 738 LBS and COULD NOT leave the house! After seeing someone throw a dog out the window of a car both their lives changed! She saved him and he saved her as he looked at her as if to say "why aren't you walking with me"? Melinda started her weight loss journey. With her enormous amount of strength and commitment she lost over 350 LBS on her own, without surgery or medical help. We met in November 2017 over the phone & had a long distance relationship from Maine to New York until we met in Person February 2018 in MiamI. (After Melinda Partnered with my Company & came to her first convention) The things most of us take for granted...getting on a plane, an escalator, leaving the state you live in, were all new experiences for Melinda. Now, in May 2018, 5 Months since I started coaching her on TLS Melinda has lost an additional 179 lbs. She has lost 57 measurable inches  (Really lots more but she can't measure accurately with excess skin) She is NO LONGER on ANY MEDS for DIABETES or HYPERTENSION!

Trish McCullom Lost 50lbs using TLSI cannot tell you how much Coach Kathy and TLS have changed my life. Prior to getting on board I was on blood pressure, cholesterol medicine and pre diabetic. Today I’m 45-50 lbs lighter and no longer taking any medication and not anywhere near diabetes and I feel better than I have in years.
Trish McCullom

Denise Marullo 19lbs using the TLS Diet SupplementI was coached by Kathy Auffant 2 1/2 years ago TLS diet solution plan. I have continued to live this lifestyle change with ease! I have integrated it into every aspect of my life. Healthy and happy thanks to Kathy for all her encouragement and her presentation of this healthy way to live! Kathy was full of knowledge and ideas for making it work for a lifetime. She's best coach ever. She made it fun and memorable!
Denise Marullo

Laura Bartram had success using the TLS Weight Loss SystemI highly recommend Kathy as a coach. Kathy does a great job at supporting everyone, and you can tell she doesn't judge you when you do slip up. Kathy gives us great resources to use and lots of support throughout the time. I would highly recommend people to her. I lost 30lbs and 18 inches. Her coaching skills changed my life by being able to eat healthy, being able to read labels, being able to go out to eat and know what I can and can't have, and being confident in my decision making.
Laura Bartram


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