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Why nutraMetrix Isotonic Vitamin Supplements?

Isotonix Vitamins have the same fluid pressure as your own body's fluids like blood and tears. Everything you eat or drink must be made Isotonic before passing into your small intestine. nutraMetrix Isotonix products are free of binders and fillers that are commonly found in traditional tablets and capsules. nutraMetrix Isotonix products provide both rapid delivery as well as superior results.

Instructions on how to take Isotonix

Live a healthy life style.

Overall Health

To live a life of longevity, the human body requires a healthy diet as well as nutritional supplements. Even with a perfect diet, it is impossible to get all of the vitamins and minerals we need. Our soils are depleted, industrial farming has caused the animals and vegetables we eat to have fewer nutrients. Foods have additives like antibiotics and preservatives, they are genetically modified. Our lives have become busier and more stressful causing people to eat more processed foods. Chronic stress, lack of sunlight and environmental toxins lead to higher nutritional demands. If our bodies don't make it, we have to take it. nutraMetrix Isotonix supplements promote optimal wellness and are trusted by Health Professionals. Our advanced nutritional supplements are comprehensive science based formulations designed for specific areas of health including cardiovascular health, detox and digestive health, children's health, bone and joint support, age management, weight management, sports performance and other support to maintain optimal health.

TLS Weight Management System

TLS Weight Loss Solutions

What is the TLS Weight Loss Solution?
We understand that most diets don't work because they tell you what to eat rather than teach you how to eat. Long term health is dependent on lifestyle and addressing specific healthcare needs. TLS stands for "Transitions Lifestyle System". TLS consists of four components to provide my clients with a customizable long term solution that successfully keeps the weight off.


At the age of seven after watching my mother care for my Grandmother I knew then that I would dedicate my life to helping others as a health professional. That passion for health, wellness and prevention continues today.

For more than 40 years I've dedicated my life to helping others as a Registered Nurse (Critical Care) in addition to being a Certified Health Coach changing the way people manage their health concerns.

During my career I've gone on to become a Board Certified Peri Anesthesia Nurse and a Certified nutraMetrix Consultant culminating with a Certification as a TLS Coach (Transition Lifestyle System).

Together, you too can implement a customized nutritional intervention for overall wellness and weight management and begin to Love Living Healthy.

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